Corona Virus and Masks in Japan

So, Japan has a virus named Coronavirus. Many countries around the world have many people infected with this virus now. Where did it start? how did it start? There are many different answers and opinions on this so I won’t say what I think. Anyway, I have written about the reality of it in Japan now.

I am not a doctor, obviously so I do not know enough of the whole thing, so I am not going to write about it in depth. What I will share with you is the reality of it in Japan, not what you see on the news. For example, the first time I heard of this was from a mail from my mum who said there’s an outbreak in Japan…. Naturally I check my phone and notice 1 Chinese person had come over here and he had it so, outbreak? Now around 20 people I believe have been found out and taken care of.

Originally, I wasn’t bothered but the news makes it far scarier than they need to so yes, now I am being more carful but there is an annoying side to this. As a foreigner here for over 12 years I have wore masks often for different reasons. Now I am wearing a mask daily and guess what Japanese people do…. AVOID ME because I am gaijin(foreigner) with a mask so I MUST BE A CARRIER. Wow the racism of this country shines through like a diamond in the shi&% when something like this happens. Also, a friend(foreigner) of mine was at the doctors for something unrelated and as he sits down, a Japanese man moves seats… Don’t even get me started on that.

Masks by the way will not stop the virus but as the Japanese say “better than nothing” so now the news are saying that alcohol gel or wipes kills the virus so use it all the time when you cannot wash your hands. This is good as the gel is very easy to carry around and use.

Simply, if you are in populated areas, wear a mask, carry hand gel with you, avoid touching your face, at home have a shower after being out and wipe your dining table down with alcohol spray.

Now  getting masks has become extremely difficult and most places have sold out but guess what some people are doing…. Buying in bulk and selling on the internet for a RIDICULOUS price for their own greed, well what the…. So, people are having to go without masks because of stupid people. Also, the shops that did have some masks are limiting people to one or two boxes per person.

On top of it all it is now the flu and hay fever season here in Japan so anyone with a slight sore throat is panicking. All you can do is be smart, take care of yourself and shout at people that are coughing without a mask or even covering their mouth (yes it still happens)

Just a couple of more photos to show that different shops have run out of masks.



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