COVID-19 in Japan (UPDATE)


Firstly, I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to write an article for you. With the rapid spread of the virus, most places are closed as well as it being dangerous for myself. I am sure you understand. This article is me reacting or explaining to the photos I tool around where I live.

Before I get started, I am going to talk about the situation here in Tokyo. We all know the Olympics was postponed and wasn’t it strange that the cases in “safe Japan” suddenly skyrocketed the same day and after the Olympics were declared postponed? The government were making it so difficult for anyone to get tested that of course the results were low. In fact, Germany called out the Japanese government about it. Of course, the government deny this, but we are not stupid. All you need to do is look at the graph of cases.

Number 1: Masks from Government

So, the government announced that they would send TWO masks to every household in Japan. This announcement was not received well by the general public at all. If you have more than two in your family what should you do, share them?? They apparently began sending cloth masks to homes in Tokyo on April 17th but that has not led to mask shortages at all. In fact, I still have not received them! Also, a main reason that the shortage wont end is because people are buying them to stockpile. In fact, I heard a couple of old ladies bragging about how many masks they have at home while waiting for the chemist to open to get their greedy little hands on more. The best part is they were not even wearing a mask while queuing up!! Furthermore, I read that at least 7,000 masks that were sent out to pregnant women had many problems, including stains and the discovery of bugs and hair. This of course prompted the recalling of undelivered masks for regular households, pushing back the delivery to all households.

Number 2: Money from the government

The government announced it will give EVERY registered person in Japan a one-off payment of 100,000 yen (which is about $937) PER household member. So, if you are married and you have 4 kids you will get 600,000 etc. Is it fair really? There are no age restrictions so of course some parents will use the kid’s money for themselves to head down the local pachinko and waste it. Also, if you are working you will still get the money. It is cool of them I can say but it is not an answer, it is a band aid.

Number 3: Pachinko (not my photo so if you have an issue please contact me to take it down) Talking about Pachinko, these places are RIDICULOUS! They are the biggest scam in the country and yet most Japanese people will visit them once a week, others everyday wasting their money. The government asked them to close as these places are a breeding ground for the Covid-19 virus, but will these companies listen? NO of course the wont. In fact, a pachinko parlour in Osaka was named and shamed online by the government for staying open and what happened…… people flocked there as they realized it was open! HOW DUMB. So, while a lot of places have closed for a couple of weeks, a lot are staying open. I can not make up my mind which is more stupid, the government for not ORDERING the shut down or the people still visiting them.

Number 4: Karaoke

Karaoke is a no brainer really. Microphones used by others, saliva everywhere, touching everything in sight, so yes these were shut down very quickly and it seems they are listening. Not all places of course, but yes most are closed for now.

Number 6: Obviously and cool

The first photo shows a sign basically saying please do not use the testers…. Well if you are that stupid then I give up and 2ndly WHY are the testers still out!?!?!?!? The other photo is a café type place called Komeda and I thought this was clever. They have one table open and the surround two or three are closed. That is social distancing!

Number 7: People and idiots

So, you would think people would stay at home or at least try. In Japan the government don’t have a law for making people stay at home so they jump on TV and say please stay at home and basically if you catch this virus its your fault for not listening to our order. Cover your own ass much? So this didn’t work obviously so then the prime minister jumped to Twitter or Instagram etc with a photo of himself with a cup of tea and a cat on his lap saying “enjoy family time” and this pissed off so many people it was quite funny. Yes, you have the means to do this, not everyone does! So, the first photo shows people crossing a normal road in a small city, it is like this everyday (no change there) The second photo shows and IDIOT parking ¾ of the way across the tiny walking area. I reported this to the police, and they said “he is having dinner” I will leave you think about that one.

Number 8: Starbucks, food shops/stalls

Starbucks instantly took a stand and closed all shops in Japan. This was epic, clever and an inspiration to others… two out of three is not bad. The other photo is a cake shop that has a huge plastic sheet down in front of the staff. Now all shops have this and staff wearing gloves. This annoys me because they are touching money all day, customers all day and they wear gloves. So of course, they are okay but fu&& the customers who are getting touched from the glove. They also wont touch your point card but will take the money which doesn’t make any sense at fuc(ing all.

Number 9: Supermarkets

Okay, we get to my favourite, most annoying thing on the planet so far. I went to the supermarket and there was NO SIGN saying step the fudge back. I was so used to just being in line and then out of nowhere a women staff member told me to step back, I said I am over a meter so basically fuck off. Then the other lady GRABBED my arm and pushed me back. I dropped my shopping on the floor and walked out, called the manager and went off. The women both denied it of course. The next day there was footstep signs on the floor. I am not sure why I always have to make Japanese understand the rules for them to do something. Maybe because they can sit back and blame the gaijin… Then we get to the 1 meter, 1.8 meter or 2 meters? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!! And of course, my favourite not touching your point card. You will see in the other photo the distance of people… trust me that isn’t 2 meters by a long shot but do the staff grab them? Do they even tell them? NO

Using Muse soap is awesome! It is alcohol soap basically and it comes in bar, liquid and foam. Getting it now is like winning the lottery but still if there is an expensive version of it like for kids, so it has Pokémon etc people will not buy it… STUPID again.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so anyway, be safe, stay home as much as possible and shower everyday.

Article written by David 
Photos by David


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