Japanese Desert (The oddest I have ever seen)


During my 12 years living in Japan, I can honestly say I have seen some very odd things. Things that make me stop in my tracks and just stare at them with a puzzled face. I have seen big men dressed as ladies to cakes made for dogs. Nowadays I still find myself noticing very strange things and I say to myself “well, now I have seen it all”. But to my amazement, I still see things that blow my mind. I had a time when I started to think “stupid” but now I think I am better off enjoying these weird things and accept that it is Japan after all. I believe it is part and parcel of living abroad.

This week I saw a Japanese desert which really grabbed my attention and I wanted to share this little gem with you. Now does this look like ramen… of course it does, and you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise! Take a look at the photos below.

These amazing cakes are made at a shop named Sweets Paradise in Akihabara, Tokyo. The attention to detail is amazing and I must admit when I first started to tuck in, I could not get my head around it as my brain was saying its ramen, but it’s not, it’s a cake. The odd cakes look so perfect that it is so difficult to get used to the smell and taste.

They also create Gyoza, Sukiyaki, Udon and Sushi! This was interesting for me because I cannot eat any kind of fish and living in Japan, it is a bit odd, right? So, cake sushi was fun for me because not knowing what it should taste like, I enjoyed it more than the ramen cake. My top tip is this, if you haven’t eaten sushi or ramen etc, eat the cake first!

CAKE SHOP: Sweets Paradise

(Yodobashi Akiba 1F) 


Business hours: 9:30-22:00

Article written by David
Photos by David


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