Cute Bread in Japan

In Japan there is a special bread culture. Maybe it came about due to anime. Do you know the famous Japanese anime character Anpanman? This Anime character is a hero of children. This hero characters head is made from bread. So, around 1980, “Anpanman shape bread “became very famous in Japanese bakeries. Then Japanese bakeries started to sell various anime characters and animals’ breads in their bakeries.

My favourite animal bakery place is in Ueno. Ueno is very famous for its Zoo in Tokyo. They have a lot of animal breads. The bakery name is “Ueno no Mori no Panyasan”. They have very cute animal breads.

Panda bread (cream cheese) 250yen

Panda is the most famous animal in Ueno. So Panda bread is very famous too. The cream cheese taste was yummy!

Bear bread (chocolate cream) 290yen

This is very yummy! The bear shape is so cute!

Lion bread (custard cream) 290yen

They use chocolate to draw the face.

Turtle bread (custard cream) 290yen

I do love this shape, it’s funny and Cute. The

taste is custard cream and Melon flavour.

When you came to Japan, try and visit Ueno and Ueno zoo. Of course, try the animal shape bread. They are very cute and yummy. I hope you enjoy Japanese bakery 🙂

Ueno no Mori no Panyasan ( Bakery)

Station: JR Ueno

Walking 3min

Open time: 6:00-23:00

Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, UenoKoen 1-2 UENO3153 1F

東京都台東区上野公園1-2 UENO3153 1階

Article written by Sachi Sakashita 
Photos by Sachi Sakashita


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