Firework Festivals in Japan

Here in Japan there are a lot of summer festivals in. One being beautiful Fireworks. During the festival most people are wearing a YUKATA (summertime kimono). This is summer tradition in Japan.

Japanese fireworks are very interesting as they also have meaning. Some fireworks are not just for watching. Japanese people are also thinking HANABI (Fireworks) for remembering the people that died during world war 2.

For example; Japanese fireworks in NAGAOKA.

At the end of World War 2, 1488 people dead in NAGAOKA alone. NAGAOKA became 80% broken and nothing was there.  After that, summer fireworks became a sign of respect for the people that died in the war. So originally Japanese fireworks include some Emotions. These are Hope, Sadness, Peace, Joy and Love.

BUT nowadays especially in Tokyo, It’s crazy!!! People have forgotten about the war (or don’t want to know) and it is just a money-making machine for shops and tax revenue covered up in pretty lights.

This is Edogawa fireworks in Tokyo. My favourite fireworks in Tokyo. You can see fireworks very beautiful. BUT after the event Koiwa Station has a million people! It is pure hell to get home believe me. My advice is to leave early or book a taxi in advance!

Top tips:

Bring DRINK!! – The money-making machine will charge you out of earth prices

Japanese summer is crazy hot – Bring towels, fan, ice packs

Want to save your spot – Take a blue sheet!

Do your research on the area first – use the internet


You can enjoy a traditional Japanese firework festival by wearing a Yukata, eating the festival foods which are usually yakisoba (noodles), Yakitori (chicken on a stick), teriyaki (octopus’ balls) as well as KAKIGORI (shaved ice) all around 5oo yen but if its your first firework festival in Japan, I recommend you do it. After 12 years you learn not to! My favourite is KAKIGORI with strawberry syrup. Kids to adults eat this, especially during the summer. It is very yummy and cold! It is the best in summer.

Final words:

It is very hard work going to the Firework festivals in Tokyo. You need to understand it is hell going and coming back, but the festival itself is amazing.






Article written by David
Photos by David


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