In Japan the COSPLAY culture is very interesting and special.

Comike is what Japanese say for what is comic market. It is at Tokyo big sight. The closest station is KOKUSAITENJIJO station or TOKYO BIG SIGHT Station.

You can walk from the station which takes around 3-7 min. It is quite easy to find because you can walk along with other people from the Station. I went there during the afternoon, so I did not have to wait to enter. A lot of people that go there use the very first train in the early morning and then wait for five hours for it to open (open from 10:00)

This is because they want to get cosplay mania goods in there. They will run like Olympians for mania goods. I have no idea about cosplay, I just enjoy looking at them, so I go there after 12:00. If you don’t need mania goods and don’t want to wait go later in the day (as I said) but if you want special mania goods, you should use the first morning train. 

This event is very famous in the mania world. It was a four-day event during summer from August 9th to 12th. I read that 730,000 people visited there over four days. I can say it was CRAZY.

So, this year we needed wristband to enter this Event (usually it is tickets). There were four colours. The colour of the band represents the day. I went there on the fourth day, so my wristband was yellow. You can get a wristband at the event place.  But if you do not want to wait, you had better get it before the event. You can buy the wristband at bookstores or web site. I got mine from a flea market site called Mercari because I just needed the fourth day’s wristband.

My reason for going there was to take photos of the cosplayers and enjoy the atmosphere. There are many cosplayers outside the main building.

If you want to take phots of them, you need to wait your turn. Famous cosplayer has a very long line of people waiting to take their photo, but it’s worth it. If you will put their photo on websites or SNS, please ask them to make sure it’s okay or not. Almost all cosplayers will say it’s okay.

They are very cute and their costumes and make up are perfect. It’s so fun and interesting to see. If you know the character, I’m sure you will be quite amazed.

Famous cosplayer is doing cosplay as a professional. It’s very interesting too. In Japan, cosplay is big business, especially if you became famous.

Japanese cosplay culture is very special in Japan. We have a lot of famous Anime and Comic. This event made Japanese cosplay culture huge. This event is on TV, in magazines and Newspapers. Most if not all Japanese people know this Event.

We get to OTAKU…

OTAKU means people who love internet, Anime, Manga and Comic. OTAKU made up Japanese Cosplay culture. OTAKU people love anime characters. So, OTAKU people want to be them.

Inside this event are a lot of booths selling a lot of items. I am not OTAKU so, I have no idea about it all, but if you are OTAKU, it must be a lot of fun!

I love to take photos so; it was a fun experience taking the cosplayers photo. Their quality is very high.

My advice:

  1. Get a wristband before the Event
  2. Go there during the afternoon if you don’t want to wait
  3. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and take a towel during the Summer
  4. Take your camera

Please come to Japan, and please enjoy comike.

Article written by Sachi
Photos by Sachi


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