Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019 in JAPAN! I got tickets. I will tell you about real rugby World Cup information and not just the pretty information on other sites.

RWC2019 DATES (Japan time)

The International Stadium Yokohama, AKA Nissan Stadium. Japanese call Nissan Stadium, International Stadium Yokohama. Please remember it because all information is named Nissan Stadium. It can easily confuse you.

If you don’t have tickets, I recommend Yokohama FANZONE (a public viewing place) I will tell you information about FANZONE.

Nissan Stadium AKA International Stadium Yokohama. Access JR Shin Yokohama Station 15min Walk Please go out from North Exit.

The way there is not difficult. Just go to Nissan Stadium with everyone else. Also, there are many sign boards pointing you in the right direction.

I went 90min before the game and the train was packed. All events in Japan are like this, all events are always packed.

There are sign boards like this one so please check your gate and go the right way.

These are rules for taking things inside:

I should have gone earlier because all food was sold out and I had to wait for a long time for drinks.

※ As of the 23rd of September, you are allowed to take your own food into the stadium. 

I recommend you go to Shin Yokohama Station at least two hours before. This is because you must walk a long way and wait a long time for toilet, food, drinks. It is better to eat and drink outside the stadium as you cannot take food or drinks inside.

Example of the food and drink price inside the stadium:

Foods and Drinks price

Soft drinks 250yen

Heineken Beer 700yen

Sausage 800yen

Fish and Chips 800yen

2 cone dog 800uen

Fried food 600yen

Yakisoba 600yen

If you cannot wait or couldn’t get beers, you can get them from these people

Men be aware you must wait a long time for the toilet. For some reason the women’s q is faster.

I arrived at my seat five minutes before the game started where I was greeted by a cup holder, I liked that.

The Stadium is so huge, everyone looks so small.

This photo shows real Rugby World Cup! It is very fun and very exciting. Please enjoy it!

Back to Station is not fun… Simply follow everyone else and you cannot get lost.  

If you couldn’t eat there are many restaurants near the station, GURUME STREET is good!

There are Ramen, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, BAR, FISH, UDON, BURGER KING etc.

If you couldn’t get tickets, I recommend you go to Yokohama FANZONE. Before the match I went to FANZONE in Yokohama. It is a public viewing place in Yokohama. It was nice. You can enter there for free. But you cannot take food and drinks in there. You can drink a lot of Heineken in there!

My favourite Yokohama famous lunch box is Kiyouken

FANZONE is quite nice if you don’t have tickets. But I will say to you, NEVER GO TO TOKYO FANZONE.

I went there and then I could not get inside. Crazy amount of people and it was a pure nightmare!


My recommendation is Yokohama FANZONE. In Yokohama the FANZONE is outside and a good place for sightseeing too. I am sure you can enjoy there.


JR Sakuragicho Station 15min walk

Minatomirai Station 5min walk

Location Rinko Park

Article written by Sachi
Photos by Sachi


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