Kyoto Minamiza Theatre

Do you know KABUKI?

Kabuki is a Japanese traditionally drama performance included dancing and singing. Kabuki has a history of over 400 years. A very interesting thing is that Kabuki is only performed by men. Male actors will do heavy makeup to look like women. Then the amazing thing is that they become so beautiful. The actors are also wearing very beautiful Kimono. They become a perfect Women.

Recently Kabuki has evolved with new styles and ideas. Example using “Anime story” or new stories etc. So now in Japan there are old type Kabuki and New type Kabuki.  I do love Kabuki and I travelled a long way to Kyoto to watch it and write this for you.  

So, I will first explain how to go to Kyoto Minamiza theatre. Also I will give you some basic Kabuki information.

From JR Kyoto Station, Taxi is easiest!

Please exit JR Kyoto central exit. Then turn left, there are Taxis there. Usually the taxi drivers can speak simple English, but you can also head towards the foreign tourists Taxi area.

Japanese Taxis are very safe and one thing I love it’s that upon exiting the taxi, the door will automatically shut. In the taxi just simply say 「MINAMIZA ku-da-sai.

I used the Taxi to go there and back. It was 1330yen to go there and 1030yen back. It takes about 15 minutes to get there.  The price is a little bit different which is odd, but it depends if the road is busy and sometimes the Taxi price is different.

If you want to save money and use the train, it is not bad. The train is cheaper. But you need to change train. This can be scary or difficult if you are new to Japan so if you have the cash, get a Taxi! Also, most Taxis can take credit card nowadays. Please ask the driver before you get inside the taxi if you can use credit card.

Around Kyoto MINAMIZA theatre is a very famous sightseeing place. So, if you have time, please enjoy looking around there. It is a very beautiful town. I’m sure you can enjoy there.


About KABUKI thickets.

I recommend getting tickets beforehand because Kabuki is very famous. But if you from abroad it must be difficult. You can get tickets there, but they sell out fast so give yourself plenty of time.  


Kabuki manner

  1. Please do not talk during the performance
  2. Please do not eat food or drink (Only during rest time you can drink and eat food)
  3. Please turn off phone
  4. Please do not take pictures and recording during the performance
  5. Please stay properly seated for the people behind you.

I will recommend to you, rental “Earphone speaker “. It will translate the show into English. If you do not know Japanese, you had better rent it. (around 1000yen). Japanese people rent the Japanese Earphone speaker too because it is very old Japanese. Japanese do not know what the actors say sometimes. It is strange.


Kabuki is on for around 3 – 4 hours! It’s a long time.

Example Time schedule:

First 60min

Rest time 30min

Second 90min

Rest time 20min

Third 30min

So, you had better bring a lunch box or sandwiches and drinks etc. As I said you can eat and drink during rest time. And if you like Japanese style lunch box, you can get it in Minamiza. Please try Kabuki. It’s beautiful. Of course, understand story is difficult but please read story before watching. Then it will be much easier.

I do love Kabuki. I hope you enjoy Kabuki.

Article written by Sachi & David 
Photos by Sachi & David


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