Dogs and cats in Japan

In Japan dogs and cats are on another level. When I fist arrived and started seeing dogs with shoes on and cats on leashes, I was baffled. Even now I see some shops selling the most ridiculous things. So, I thought I would write about it.

It seems that people buy cats and dogs instead of having children. They regard pets as family. They lavish them with all kinds of privileges on them, including kimonos, fake fur coats, leather tote bags, designer jeans and more

The first time I saw a dog in nappies, I could not believe my eyes. I still cannot really understand it. I personally think that its laziness of the owner. I also saw dogs in little shoes one day. I had to stop and ask why, and I did get an answer that made sense. Basically, it is so hot in Japan during the summer that the road/pavement is so boiling hot, and it would easily burn the dog’s pads, so yes, I will except that one.

Glasses, hats and jewellery is too much. Animals are not models and I believe it is so cruel to dress them like this. It is pure selfishness for the owner to get attention. I mean there are yoga classes, paw creams and hot spring resorts to help with the animals destress. The fu**** distress is caused by the stupid owners dressing them up like humans!!

Then we get to food… I am not too sure about other countries, maybe they do these types of foods as well but for me buying a cake to celebrate an animal’s birthday is just odd. I mean an animal doesn’t care at all. Again, it is just for owners to post a photo on Instagram for attention and instant gratification. The whole thing is just ridiculous.

Even in death the animal is treated like an emperor. Funeral packages, mini temple, a service at a pet crematorium. Of course, all for a ridiculous price. When I was young and my cat died, we buried it in the garden. Or if the pet needs to be put down, it would be done at the vets and taken care of. Call me insensitive but paying ridiculous money for a funeral service is crazy and yet again another reason for attention by posting it on Instagram etc.

On a side note

Sounds like I am making fun of it all (which I am) but there is a more serious side to it all. Japan has a problem with too many elderly people and not enough young people, especially young people not having babies. There are more pets than children in Japan and if it carries on the human population will decrease by an alarming amount over the next 50 years or more. The economy is already struggling, and this crisis will cripple the country. With the population shrinking, the workforce is shrinking and with the elderly living longer and longer, the pension system will be almost non-existent for now young people who are paying it for the elder people. I mean the elder people are annoying because they pay less tax for health care, so they abuse it by going everyday for physio or medicines that they don’t really need. Of course, the doctors say nothing as it is money for them. Also, the elder generation were around for the boom and made millions of yen. I believe they are hording it like squirrels.

The craziest thing for me is that young people are avoiding a sexual relationship because it will interfere with their career or study. Women are also avoiding marriage for the sake of their career. I have witnessed first-hand this problem, I have had guys ask me how to talk to girls, how to start a sexual relationship and all I can say is talk to them LOL. For me it is natural to be nice and kind to women. If something sparks then there you go, it isn’t rocket science.

 Article written by David 
Photos by David


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