Asakusa temple Tokyo

Asakusa temple is a very traditional Japanese culture city in Tokyo. There are a lot of delicious Japanese food places there. So, if you are from abroad you must visit there.

But I do have to tell you about the Real Asakusa. Recently Asakusa is inundated with foreigners and there are hardly any Japanese people! Of course, the shop staff are Japanese, and a few Japanese people go there to shop. But most people there are foreigners. So much so that the government were talking about charging foreigners 5oo yen to enter!! This pi**ed me off, big time.

But I wonder if people can really feel real Japanese culture!?

You can see a lot of people wearing KIMONO (YUKATA) in Asakusa. Maybe you never notice BUT the people Wearing KIMONO (YUKATA) are all foreigners. Asian people do look Japanese, but almost all Japanese never wear KIMONO (YUKATA) without it being a festival. Also, Japanese peoples clothing is usually western style clothing nowadays. Japanese love CHANEL, LOUIS VITTON, GUCCHI etc. It is weird for me. It is upside down.

Foreigners enjoying Japanese culture more than Japanese people!

There are a lot of tourists with guide.

As a sightseeing place, it is a lovely place. There are a lot of Japanese gift shops and the temple is beautiful. Also, you can enjoy Japanese food. But If you want to see and feel real Japanese culture, I recommend you go to the Japanese countryside. There are very quiet and beautiful places in the countryside along with that is real Japanese culture. It is VERY different. If you want to feel real traditional Japanese culture you had better leave from Tokyo and Kyoto. Famous sightseeing places are just for money. It is fun but you will never feel real Japanese culture.

I do love Japanese culture, but a big problem are young Japanese people. They have completely deserted from Japanese culture and obsessed with western life. Foreigners are the ones enjoying Japanese culture.  

I really feel JAPAN is a really, weird country even though I do love Japan.

Article written by Sachi
Photos by Sachi


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